Cost of hunger Validation Workshop in Malawi

23-28th June 2014


The COHA study is currently being implemented in the second phase countries – Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi and  Rwanda.  Rwanda  is  the  first  country  to complete the  study  holding  the  national  level launch of the results during the national nutrition summit, in February 2014, in Kigali, Rwanda. Malawi is the third country to validate the results of the study after Burkina Faso.

The main objectives of the mission was to: 

  • Revise the primary data sets collected for the health protocol; 
  • Agree on the variables for assumption to be considered during analyses;
  • Review the findings of the study with the NIT prior to the official validation workshop; 
  • Officially validate the findings of the study together with the NIT and with other experts from the different government line ministries and departments and development partners in Malawi, including UN agencies, NGOs and CSOs; and Generate recommendations in view of the findings of the study. 

 The first two days of the mission were dedicated to review and verify the data sets used to complete the analyses and to review the preliminary findings of the study with the National Implementation team (NIT).