Cost of hunger in Ghana Validation Workshop


16-18th December,2014

Ghana is the fourth country to complete the study in the 2nd group of countries that also includes Rwanda, Malawi and Burkina Faso. The main objective is to validate the results of the Cost of Hunger in Ghana. This mission was carried-out jointly with the regional team and the National Implementation Team of Ghana. ECA as the Technical Lead of the project was requested to present the methodological aspects of the Model and support the National Implementation Team in the dissemination of Results.

The main objective of the Regional Team (RT) for the mission was to: 

·      Review  final  results  of  the  study  and  prepare  the  validation  workshop  in close collaboration with the National Implementation Team 

·      Validate the results of the Cost of Hunger in Ghana in a validation workshop

Objectives of the validation workshop:

·      To review with the members of the NIT, health and nutrition experts and other stakeholders the data analysis process and analyse the initial results of the study

·      To generate and review recommendations in line with the results of the study 

The validation workshop was attended by representatives of the following organizations and ministries: Organizations: WFP, MOH,  MOE,  GHS, CARE International, Youth Embassy Net Organization, Ghana Health  Service,  Ministry  of  food  and  Agriculture, DSW,  CMAC,  GHACCSSOM,  Ministry  of Communication,  Canada-PSU,  NDPC,  Ghana Education  Service,  Business  to  Africa,  Abibumman Foundation and UNREACH