Cost of Hunger Initiation Workshop in Chad

2-4th December,2014

Ndjamena, Chad

Chad is among the third phase countries (Chad, Kenya, Cameroon, Botswana and Mauritania) and the first to launch the study. The main objective is to initiate the Cost of Hunger study in Chad. This mission was carried-out jointly with the regional team and the National Implementation Team of Chad. ECA as the Technical Lead of the project was requested to present the methodological aspects of the Model and support the National Implementation Team in the data collection process. The main objective of the Regional Team (RT) for the mission was to initiate the Cost of Hunger study and support the NIT on the data requirement and presenting the methodology. 

The  official  initiation  workshop  was  attended  by  representatives  of MPCI,  INSEED,  EU,  DRENI,  OCHA,Ambassador  of  France,  HCRN,  OMS,  PNSA-DOBA,UNICEF, SISAAP, International Medical Corps, CNNTA, Ministry of Education, MEH, REACH, PAM.